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MasterPatent >> Patent, Engineering, and Startup Experts

MasterPatent provides three core services to our clients:

  1. Expert patent services to protect intellectual property with the broadest coverage.
  2. Prototyping and engineering expertise to transform ideas and concepts into reality.
  3. Startup consulting to develop a business into a profitable and scalable venture.

We specialize in working with inventors, entrepreneurs, and startups. Our expertise is identifying, protecting, and developing technologies that involve electronics, software, mechanical, and chemical components. MasterPatent was founded by Dr. Erik Chmelar, who’s passion is to ensure innovators will achieve their goals and succeed in bringing their creations to life.


1. Intellectual property and patent consulting

Patents protect intellectual property, one of the most important assets of any business. A patent excludes others from making or selling an invention, giving a legal monopoly to the patent holder for up to 21 years. Getting a patent is a complicated and time consuming process (see our “Get a patent” flowchart), so we ensure our clients understand all available options. MasterPatent works with our clients to maximize IP protection and minimize cost. Consequently, we provide full-service or Do-It-Yourself (DIY) consulting models. For example, an inventor filing a provisional patent application may opt to either (1) draft it entirely herself and have us review and revise it; (2) draft it under our close guidance; or (3) have us draft it. We routinely draft, file, and prosecute the following types of patent applications:

  • Provisional
  • Utility (Nonprovisional)
  • Design.

2. Prototype development and engineering consulting

Ideas are the starting point of innovation, but they must be transformed into reality to be valuable. Often times what seems like a great idea in one’s mind turns out to be impossible, impractical, or illogical after attempting to reduce it to practice. MasterPatent analyzes our client’s inventions and concepts and develops working systems. We specialize in technology development for practically any industry:

  • Embedded systems (e.g. FPGA, microcontroller, custom logic)
  • Sensors (e.g. infrared, capacitive, photonic, MEMs, piezoelectric, Hall effect)
  • Electronics (e.g. PCB, flex circuits, custom circuits)
  • Software (e.g. Java for Android apps, C/C++ for embedded applications).

3. Startup business consulting

Finding a value proposition that customers are willing and able to pay for is the most important part of building a successful business. More than a third of startups fail because they build something nobody wants, and nearly two-thirds fail when a lack of focus and hiring the wrong people are factored in. No matter how cool a technology or invention may seem, it won’t make money unless it reduces a pain or creates a gain that customers value. MasterPatent has coached numerous inventors and entrepreneurs through the business model canvas. Some of the key concepts we teach our clients’ include:

  • Customer discovery and validation
  • User, buyer, payer, saboteur, and influencer
  • Customer segment maps
  • Human-centered design: desirable, feasible, viable.